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Stony temple.

Temple of flesh.

Unmoved. Perfectible.

The flesh stirs.

Sea without limit, nor measure.

Other one is not afraid of the wear.

Symbols ornaments.

Remain dumb.

Keep(Guard) their secrets.

Both face to face.

On the road of the truth.

Nothing gets lost.

Nothing destroys itself.

Everything meets itself.

Reservoir of souls.

Come for a communion. 
Pretext in a particular enjoyment.

Strengths ceaselessly renewed.

Flesh on the board to be drawn.

Work for the workers of tomorrow.

Mystic places.

In charge of feelings.

Pour the beautiful music.

Echo of the harmony of the heavenly spheres.

Music of the pulpit.

Rent(Praise) God of a beautiful way.

The inlaid in the memory of the stone.

Place of the builders of the world.

God's garment.

Divine wisdom.

A Flesh-coloured day leaves burden of its body.
To know the heavenly magnificence.

He will whisper with stony temple.

Pierre will guard his secrets.

The moon white light.

Go hunting at night.

Temples sources of enjoyment.

Eternal plot reconstructive.

Place of instruction at three levels.

Temple of flesh.

Stop working.

To perfect.

Stony temple delights will welcome.

Temple of flesh when he will receive.

Salary in chamber of the middle.

Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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