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" Salt of the Man Salt of the life ". 

The man penetrates inside his soul.

Salt Soul of the world.

Deep inspiration.

Salt opens its book.

The alive keep silent.

The deaths prepare to speak.

Hasty judgment(sentence).

Obliging illumination.


The man advances(moves).

Ceaseless, infernal running(race).

Search for Graal.

Intense moment.

Cruel moment.

The brotherly Amur.

The man looks for his salt.

Salt always rises higher.

Him be increased

Salt which unites us.

Salt which personifies.

Flavour, treasure of the Spirit.

Salt flows(sinks) during our days.

This beautiful fruit of love.

Filled salt the man along his route(course).

Salt Opens the heart to the shudders.

Open our hope.

Unless suffering.

In more tolerance.

Salt, dries the poverty(misery) of the world.

 Deep wound, of the reason.

Salt looks of its gasoline(essence).

All the turbulences.

Smiling serenity.

Light crown of the heavenly dial.

Vault of the abysses of the union.

Salt of the intimate sensibilities.

Order connection of l souls.

Moment of intense vibration.

Emotion of the emotion.

Salt the Creuse the wrinkles of our tears.

Shape the stone of the man.

Control lever of resurrection.

Border of the reason.

Raw material of the feelings.

Salt Confessor.

Level of delight.

Maintains the fulfillment.

Mystic, symbolic element.

Distil in our bodies, the singing.

Of the setting sun.

Redeeming salt, of the internal castle.

Salt lets speak about our hearts.

Nothing has value.

Without your heat.

Harmony of spheres, communication.

Better dimension.

Salt of Gabaon.

Salt burns in our hearts.

Soft personal love.

Living being light, fleet in our veins.

As bees their honeycombs.

Salt of the knowledge to die.

Salt of the passion.

Salt Taste of the love.

As in the first day.

Journey in the furrow of the emotion.

Veins of the divination.

Salt of the Condolence.

Salt of our vibrations.

Salt transcends the Picture of expressions.

Salt of the old age.

Salt shows its images.

Salt Is reflected in the stained glass of the thought.

During his borders float the mystery.

Unspeakable mystery.

Salt is not of age old.

Salt on the edge of the Jordan.

Baptize the earth of our garden.

Garden of the memory.

Poetry of the wise men.

Magnificent movement of writing.

Drink the salt of the man.

Everything makes only one.

The man gets closer to the verb.

Shaped personality.

Moment of illusion.

Salt stays in movement.

Everything remains to draw.

Salt whispers in the ear.

" Everything is to be begun again ".


Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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