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The love

The love wants to be at the top.

Only he makes light the burden.

The love wants to be free.

Free, nothing retains him.

The love steals.

He runs, is delighted.

The love with envy  to sing.

He comes slowly and becomes insatiable.

The love source of thought.

The envy to be caressed.

Bait of the sensual delight.

Spread black silk.

The love caresses the end of bosoms.

Need to feel him. 

Insatiable love penetrates into the body.

 Plentiful fever of a mortal drunkenness.

Sensual delight of the carnal orgasm.

The water springs from its spirit.

Turbulent streams of his fury.

Go up slowly of fathomless sources.

Tears flow on his body.

Vagueness of love awakens in the life.

Indomitable drunkenness.

The Amur which carries since any young.

Up to the grey hair.

Images, bourdonnantes in the ear of the heart.

Brightness of love penetrates into eyes.

The Amur only Author of so many miracles.

Fate its feather organ of inspirations.

With him we run.

It is the good everything made big.

The love on the bank steep of the river.

Sun throws him its oblique beams.

The first one reflections of his inspiration.

The wings of the love spread.

The Amur found the soul sister of its heart.


Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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