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“Plenitude of the love”
Pleasant Libation.

Water goes out of its body.

Tears flow of quite edges.

Jet of its intestines.

Feminine Ejaculat.

Bubbling of heat.

Made beat his heart.

Divine Ambroisie.

Fountain of the life.

Water springs from the spirit.

Fountain of youth.

Vagueness of the enjoyment.

Fury of a turbulent stream.

Water of the knowledge.

Humidity vaginale.

Rivers of the paradise.

Flow on cardinal points.

Source with the mythical character.

Rhythmic contractions.

Woman fountain.

Garden of Eden.

Sacred source.

Flow on the tree of the knowledge.

Nymphs take him at the bottom of your puit.

Flash of liquid light passes by.

Geyser of the orgasm.

Water springs from the earth nursemaid.

Garden of the delights.

Paroxysm of the pleasure.

Pay, pours.

A pleasant shower.


Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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