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The time and the silence.


The beginning is a silence.

Today I am going to kiss my souvenirs.

Tomorrow will be the dream of this day.

Which has hardly just begun.

Everything begins in the silence.

First Moment, of the space time.

Both remain immovable.

Silence listens to in its heart.

The heart of time.

To discover the secrets.

Of their days and their nights.

In the alphabet of the infinity.

Timelessness of the life.

Time and Silence merge.

In a dumb enjoyment.

Time and silence are in collection.

Looking forward to the wisdom.

The time rings as a silence.

Outcome of time.

The consciousness.

Takes time to wake up.

To read again his silences.

To look at the future.

Singing of time.

Tuck of notes of Silence.

Partition of the revelation.

Slam in two time.

For the lowest stone.

Of our silences.


Tag(s) : #Poem of life

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