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Child hates loneliness.
Benefit from found freedom.
Street its first refuge.
To await the sunken first.
More reference mark.
Retreat of the vision.
All turns in derision.
The street follows the last party.
Street to mouroir of the spirit
Street refuge
Another School
Who solicits you
Freedom of the street it is foutu
Feeling to have already all considering.
Stagnation, evasion, escapade
Moment of blocking
More direction for an education
Street to mouroir of the spirit.
More place for the evolution
Street pumps, sucks energy
Street which draws downwards
Street nothing for your good
Underhand street
Street to waste its time
Nothing of enriching for a child
Street of the existential decline
Street of the erroneous orientations
Place of predilection
Retreat of the vision
All turns in derision
Emotions on the surface
The street and its phantasms,
Actor, Singer, navigator
Merlin the enchanter
Street far from information
Place of rumours
Nothing gives you splendour,
Splendour of the heart and the spirit
Situation of circumstances
treet of adolescence, street of the aberrance
Street becomes district, boulevard
It is already well late
Too much delay
Ignorance with arrogance gains ground,
Zone has risk.
Street of the memories
Name engraved forever on the pavement
Street of the friends for the life
There nothing is forgotten
A history for always.
Red wire of the delinquency
Fury of living
Ritual of the passage
First unconscious vision
A reason goes in corridor of the life
Identification with a group
Group street
Diversity of population
Links of freedom
Links of brotherhood, complicity
Soothing , temporality,
Misunderstood generation, rebel
Malay of teenager
Go out of the darkness
Face the cruel light of the reality
It is already indeed late
Too much delay











Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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