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THE  LIFE"  (SLAM Poetry Spoken Words)




                                                             Labelled Bag of a code bars, 
                                                         Part on the escalator of the chance.

 It is done, one remakes it. 
With the liking of its destinations. 
It is lost, mislaid, entrechoc. 
Mix brothers and races. 
Mix misfortunes of the past.
To discover other horizons. 
Moment of curiosity. 
Look at the capacity to like.
Celestial note of the thought. 
Estourbi of the swirl arises. 
Moments of reflexion. 
In the odor of the wind will leave.
Faces sometimes without expression. 
But always in life. Need to know, to hope, reappear.
Responsible for memories with others. 
The small ones, the large ones.
The beautiful ones of the least beautiful.
It is bored at the bottom of the compartment. 
All depends on the duration of its flight. 
It penetrates in the sea of the storms. 
Temple of the life. 
Same fears. Batch of tenderness. 
Equal opportunity abused. 
World seems cruel. 
Eternal Rengaine. 
Bag works on its life. 
Go in the life.
Free of its words. 
Free of its notes. 
Filled of voyages. 
Bag turns the crank. 
camera of its life. 
It arrives has destination. 
Celebration the accomplished task
An anonymous luggage handler. 
A puts on the carpet. 
A person awaits it impatient. 
Ouf here it is! She says herself. 
It is my life. 



My excuses for this translation, by hoping that that is well in the context




Tag(s) : #Poem of life

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