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  " MARIE"

Woman of Palestine. You said yes Marie.
Spirituality mariale.
It is not a drama.
Make possible the unpublished work.
A singing(song) invaded you.
Your war singing(song) Marie.
Singing(Song) of God's Administration.
Singing(Song) of fight of a Mother.
Prelude of the human history(story).
Cross of the crucified humanity.
Solidarity in your flesh.
Son(Sons,Thread) in the Calvary.
Marie, listens to I.
Women of the humanity.
Nothing can stop(arrest) them.
They are with you.
Women of resistance.
Women of alternatives.
So that the world lives.
Less stupid.
Their souls is battlefield, with so many reprisals.
Marie listens to I.
They are there, Angel of the alarm clock of the spirit.
Vestale of the home(foyer) of the life.
Freed(Released) women.
Veiled women.
Nothing can stop(arrest) them.
Give their your singing(song).
That they sing him(it) in accord.
A new life.
A peace life.
A life of respect.
A life without hostage.
The Amur without obstacle.
Rock the appeal of the life.
Marie gives them a singing(song) of fight.
Quantum one pure Ingrid in the multicolored notes.
For fewer discords.
His(Her,Its) freedom at first.
G Tabary (Author)



Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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