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Slam Poésie Slam poètry Special poem holy Valentin.
"Valentin of the word a Valentine waits for you".
Small spring harvest.
Valentine, of all the continents.
Flower of love and beauty.
Be reflected in the pond of our thoughts.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins another truth.
Royal tamer of the egoism.
Valentine, dedicated to the heroism.
Carry light, studs in the morning.
Corolla in pleasant flavor(perfume).
Dear valentine.
Give to Valentins another fate.
Goddess of the life.
Valentine, carry (wear) undid him(it).
Divine majesty.
Embodied humanity.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins the intelligence.
Sweet whiteness soothing.
Valentine, in the storm.
Spray the mimosa of the desert.
Fertilizing rain of the mystery.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins less war.
Glisten with the sky.
Valentine, remains sovereign.
Source(Spring) of brotherly charity.
Spotless heart.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins a cleansed glance.
Soul fired by love.
Valentine, of any appeals.
Sidereal influence.
Sentimental sphere.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins the astral light.
Festoon of greenery.
Valentine, opens unless wounds.
Angel of the alarm clock of the spirit.
Vestale of the home(foyer) of the life.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins the paradise.
My Queen, my divine.
Valentine, encircles the crime, the famine.
Holy beauty of the conception.
Let us line(cross off) from the inspiration.
Dear Valentine.
Give to Valentins the reason.
Prayer without word.
Valentine, beautiful parabola.
Cross the deep night.
The soul of the world.
Valentin, Valentin.
Transform you into wind.
Valentine waits for you.
Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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