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Draw from the language of contact.
To save the poetry. 
The language loosens.
Textual fusion.
The inspiration gets drunk on a vision. 
Magnificent front page of the creation.
Slameur enjoys all the gifts. 
Sacred writing. 
Interlaced writing. 
Writing of district. 
For Orature Saccadée. 
His words have a power.
Throw his dream in the world. 
Simple and near the reality.
Desire to play with the words. 
The poet with assault, energy.
Draft declaims the poetry. 
Throw his shouts. 
Ceaseless, infernal phrasing. 
Search for Graal Slam.
Intense moment. Cruel moment.
The brotherly Amur.
Open our hope. 
Unless suffering. 
In more tolerance. 
Sport of contact.
Symbol of creative freedom.
Pull the bell of alarm.
Emergency feeling inherent. 
Slam poetry looks of its essence.
All the turbulences. 
The result is strong. 
Immediate information. 
Story of love.
Man tired of the life. 
The free-and-easy tone.
Puns spread out.
More roused passages. 
Desire to play with the words.
Loving drift of the expression.
The poet communicates his impressions. 
Poetry of the wise men. 
Poet slams the words.
Delicate excesses of the poetry. 
The artist is delights. 
Ecstasy of its life. 
Everything is said. 


Tag(s) : #Poemes Slam de la vie

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