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The Outraged 


My friends my friends.
Let our indignation for a moment.
Come look at this stranger.
Salute his courage.
In the gardens of Europe he traveled.
Listen and redouble our hope in our wandering.
His appearance does not seem that the presumption.
In all humility at the door of the Elysee he hit.
Look at what we want rid claiming,
the assassins of liberty, the vultures of Prometheus.
Will they be sharp eyes of the intellect who see the error.
He says he is not blind who wants to be our guide.
He wants to fight capitalism sick of her hysteria,
pushing the vessels of greed.
Fight those who have greater thirst we have fresh water
India and Ethiopia.
Let's make us on our feet and let us rise up my brothers,
to change the train finally common things.
To do that renews the gall and vinegar.
What They laugh again, we Ravil
and rob us of our hope,
without hearing our complaint anxious remain unheard.
He says he knows climb the mountain of debt accumulated
not strip us, help our neighbors without the carelessness and spendthrift.
He said to reassure the youth wandering in a tunnel without end.
He said to possess anti-corrosive that eats away at trust democracy.
It does not butter the inexorable globalization of promiscuity.
He says he wants to change a world plagued by anxiety ecological and nuclear.

No! he says there will be little arrangements between friends in the chambers.
  there will be in the assemblies of sad hypocrites sometimes homophobic, greedy privileges.
How to Save Secularism, it will no man to martyrdom.
 T they will
prepared to face the crowd of men,
Eager to flout
Bent on destroying the secular,
Bent on plunder equality
Eager to despise the brotherhood,
Conchier bent on solidarity,
Bent on gorging on material goods,
Hard to manufacture outrage.

Yes, but Brothers said.
Know Dithyrambe call of the dark labyrinth of truth,
to get us out of the dungeon where we are entangled.
Rebuild it with a government of national unity, without discussion of opinions stupid
He did more than sowers of scandal and schism.
That in the silence of his heart he will seek perfection
and that his posture is not figurative, and gesticulation.
What Pragmatism and Humanism molten cement,
the lowest stones of France and Europe of tomorrow
Sealing a brotherly way sunlit stones Human

And my alarm clock rang and woke me up.
No disbelief and never weighed as much to me,
nor made me eager to know as much,
Could be that rare bird.
So I got all pensive
Telling me that we will hear again and again promises, which may take the character of an intellectual sodomy.
And the result will again be cruel.

The light illuminates the eyes that see, but it starts at all hours for the eyes that open.

Tag(s) : #Poem of life

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